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A collection of free public domain images that can be used on tabletop RPG products made with broad system compatibility or no specific system. These are commonly referred to as systemless, system neutral, or system agnostic products.

"Bring Your Own System" or "BYOSystem" is a badge that signifies a tabletop RPG product can and should be paired with your favorite system of choice. Modules, settings, adventures, dungeons, hexcrawls, and other RPG related books labeled with this badge are meant to be playable with any RPG system.

"System Neutral" is a badge meant to be a more general indication that a product is freely usable across any RPG system...or no system at all.

**If you release a product using one of these badges, feel free to use #SystemNeutral or #BYOSystem and tag @CavernsOfHeresy so I can share it around! 

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AuthorCaverns of Heresy
GenreRole Playing
Tagsagnostic, asset, byos, byosystem, logo, neutral, system, systemless, Tabletop role-playing game


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