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ROGUELAND is a 36 page rules-light, tabletop role-playing game. Based on Ben Milton's Knave, with modifications that focus on:

  • defining characters by the items they carry rather than specific abilities or class features
  • interpreting and casting free-form magic
  • monster, trap, and treasure generation
  • exploration procedures
  • and more

This game uses player-facing, roll-high, d20 mechanics, and is broadly compatible with other OSR games and source materials.

Physical copies available at:

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CategoryPhysical game
AuthorCaverns of Heresy
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tagsknave, osr, tabletop, ttrpg


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Will we see a physical reprint of this? Very impressed by this cool little game!


Hey thanks for the interest! I still have some physical copies available through my Big Cartel shop: https://cavernsofheresy.bigcartel.com/

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately you do not ship to Denmark, it seems.

Will have to make do with the PDF.

Ah, you're still in luck! There will be some copies available soon at https://www.citycomics.eu/ . They should become available whenever their shipment arrives, hopefully next month. I'll make a post about that when they do get added to their site.

Sweet! Thank you!


Hey there! I thought I'd let you know that https://www.citycomics.eu/ has a few copies up at their website now.

This is a sweet game! Posted a fairly substantial write-up at https://perplexingruins.blogspot.com/2020/12/review-rogueland.html

Really enjoying this. Great tables. Looks very complete. Looking forward to delving further.

I totally dig this.

Thanks for checking it out!

No problem!